Domaine des Agnelles

Lodging information

Welcome to Domaine des Agnelles

In order to optimize your stay at Domaine des Agnelles and to keep you informed, we kindly ask you to read this information carefully and, where necessary, to take these points of interest into account.


Phone number and emergency number
If we are not at home, you can reach us on our landline number 0033 (0)4 68 90 45 35. This number is forwarded to our mobile number. In case of emergency you can call the police and/or fire department at 18 or 112.
Our address is: 7 Route de Raissac, 11200 Villedaigne.

With great pleasure we live and work here in our house, our Chambre d’hôtes together with our 2 lovely children. We ourselves also use the swimming pool, the cour and the house. We would like you to enjoy our paradise. As you can read here and there in and around the house we have certain private areas where we can relax and enjoy with our family. We ask you to respect this privacy. Between 11.00 and 16.00 the “reception” is therefore also closed. For urgent matters we can always be reached by phone.

On the bunch of keys to your room or apartment is also the key to our house, the back door. When we are not at home, we lock this door but you can always get in or out with the key. So don’t forget to take the key with you when you leave home. When you check out, please leave the key in the door.

We have a parking lot on our property, closed by the entrance gate. We ask you to park your car there to keep our courtyard nice and car-free. On the paths, we ask you to drive a maximum of 10 kilometers per hour. We are not responsible for any damage or theft.

Smoking is not allowed inside the courtyard. Smoking outside is allowed! Please use the ashtray for this purpose?

We have WiFi in all rooms, apartments and common areas. You can login via the QR codes or on the various channels. The password everywhere is “haveahappystay”.

We ask you to always secure the shutters to the wall or to the hook on the windowsill. This is because a sudden gust of wind can cause them to smash against the wall or window frame.

Night’s rest
Please respect the sleep of the other guests and our neighbors after 10:00 pm.

We ask you to turn off the air conditioners when the room or apartment is not being used. We also ask you to close the windows and doors when the air conditioning is on for more efficient operation. To save energy, we ask you to be economical when using the air conditioners.

More fun!
For your enjoyment and ours, we ask that you treat our home and property with respect. In the unlikely event that something breaks, please let us know as soon as possible so we can find a solution.
Parents are responsible for their children in and around the house.


Every week we provide a clean set of towels. Should new towels be needed in the meantime, we would be happy to hear from you. However, to save the environment, we ask you to be sparing with the washing of the towels.
It is forbidden to use the towels from the rooms and apartments at the pool or the beach. Beach towels can be rented from us for € 2.50 per towel.

Check in- check out
You can check in after 4 pm and on the day of departure we ask you to leave the room or apartment before 10 am.

On the day of departure we ask you to leave the key in the door to avoid the unnecessary carrying of keys.

This applies especially to the tenants of our apartments. Garbage bags and other waste can be deposited on the street in the municipal garbage container. Plastic, paper and other packaging material may be put together in 1 container. There is also a container for glass. Residual waste may be placed in a garbage bag in the designated bin. Please bring your trash and glassware with you when you leave. There are also small trash garbage cans outside in our courtyard. Large amounts of waste, such as pizza boxes and diapers, please dispose of them in the containers on the street.


Swimming pool
To make swimming fun for everyone, young and old, as pleasant as possible, we have made the pool at its deepest point 1 meter 35 deep. It is therefore PROHIBITED TO DIVING! Inside the enclosure of the pool for hygienic reasons, but also for safety reasons, it is PROHIBITED to eat or drink!

Use of garden furniture
In our garden are several seats and sunbeds that you may use. You may move them, but please put them back and/or straight again.
We are not an all-inclusive hotel where you can claim a bed by putting your towel on it, nor do we take reservations for beds or other garden furniture.

Outdoor toilet
There is a toilet in the outdoor room. This toilet is equipped with a grinder and a pump. Therefore, it is strictly PROHIBITED to throw sanitary napkins, tampons, toilet wipes and the like into the toilet. This will seriously damage the grinder and pump. Toilet paper, however, is allowed in the toilet.

Outdoor Kitchen
In the outdoor room there is also the outdoor kitchen. This is private. You are not supposed to use it or take things from it for your own use.

Next to our garage there are clotheslines. Here you can dry your swimming gear and wet towels.

Washing machine/dryer
It is possible to use our washing machine. Detergent is available. Please empty bags and the like and shake off any mud or sand, otherwise our washing machine will break down. We ask € 5,- per wash and per dry.

Towels / beach towels
Perhaps double, but it is forbidden to use the towels from your room or apartment at the swimming pool or to take them to the beach. Beach towels can be rented from us for €2.50 per towel.


Food & Drinks

Drinks fridges/ Honesty Bar
There are two refrigerators in the hallway where we replenish soft drinks, beer, wine and juices daily. You will also find some snacks here. You can write down what you consume on the forms provided. We ask you to keep a careful record. At the end of your stay we will settle your consumption. It is expressly not the intention to cool your own drinks in these general refrigerators.
If you have rented a room, you can also use a vegetable drawer in one of the refrigerators (the names of the rooms are indicated on it). Here you can keep small food items cool.

By the refrigerators we have also put glasses, cups, plates and cutlery. These may be used by the tenants of our rooms, the apartments have their own crockery. Should you use drinks from the fridge, it is also possible to use the crockery. Your own drinks = your own glasses and dishes. After use, please put the dirty dishes in the appropriate crate; we will take care of the dishes. Garbage may be placed in the designated bin under the microwave. Large amounts of waste, such as pizza boxes or diapers, please dispose of in the containers on the street.

Table d’hôtes
At least 3 times a week (in July and August) we provide Table d’hôtes. Usually on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. In the pre and post season we organize dinners on request and possibility. Depending on the composition and season we start at 18:00 or 19:00 with the children’s menu, at 19:00 or 20:00 we then start with the aperitif for the adults. For adults we charge €32,50 per person and for the children €12,-. We are not a restaurant, but where possible we take into account dietary requirements. At the Table d’hôtes it is not allowed to consume your own drinks.

For the tenants of our rooms we provide daily breakfast. Between 09.00 and 10.00 am breakfast is ready in the outside room or inside (depending on the weather). On request it is possible to have breakfast earlier (from 08.00am), please let us know the evening before so we can take it into account.
Also for our guests in the apartments it is possible to participate in breakfast for a fee. For adults and children over 5 years we charge € 12,- per person, for children under 5 years breakfast costs € 6,-. Please let us know the day before so we can make sure we have enough croissants and such!

Despite our care it is possible that you are not completely satisfied. Please let us know in time so that we can maintain and/or improve our quality. Your suggestions/complaints help us to improve our offer, your compliments encourage us!

We wish you a fantastic stay!

With warm regards,
Maters family,
Tim, Véronique, Bibi & Hugo