Domaine des Agnelles

"Mon dieu, la vie est belle"

In the small South-French village of Villedaigne, you’ll find Domaine des Agnelles. A delightful vacation estate with fine, trendy, and eclectic apartments and luxury rooms, known as “gîtes” and “chambre d’hôtes.” In the courtyard of the Domaine, you’ll find the French plane trees with many beautiful and cozy seating areas in the sun or shade. The “court,” as the courtyard is called in French, functions as a true village square. Whether with your significant other, family, in privacy, or with other guests, there are no obligations, and everything is possible.

Four apartments and four rooms. When fully occupied, it’s pleasantly bustling but not too crowded with around 25 other guests. We are open year-round to welcome families with (young) children, friends, or “just the two of you.” Our Domaine offers many possibilities.

Enjoy delicious food and drinks at one of the long tables, take a dip in the saltwater pool, play some games, or simply relax on one of the sunbeds. There’s plenty to do at the Domaine!

Looking to explore? Everything is nearby! Centrally located among the vineyards for delightful wine tasting, close to the beautiful Narbonne, ancient Carcassonne, or the trendy and happening Montpellier.

Certainly not to be overlooked, the beautiful Mediterranean Sea with its expansive sandy beaches, beach bars, and oysters just a 25-minute drive away.

You can’t find more of France than this!

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