Domaine des Agnelles

About us

Doing what makes us happy and being happy with what we do! 

Love at first sight when we saw Domaine des Agnelles. The flame of a B&B abroad had always been fanning, we finally tied the knot last year. We are going after our dream: living abroad with a different culture, way of life and climate. Building a bright future together for our family, while letting others experience unforgettable holidays on our Domaine. Being able to share our happiness, that’s what we do it for! 

And what a dream spot it is. A beautiful property in a prime location with stunning furnishings. The previous owners, have turned it into a wonderful place where we will be delighted to live and continue the chambre d’hôte and gîtes.

About us. Tim did hotel school and grew up in high-end catering and logistics. Véronique loves cooking and enjoys planning, organizing and hosting dinners for others. Synergy develops between us when we get to pamper our guests together. Each from our own background, personality, creativity and quality, together we form a hospitable and enthusiastic duo. We would like our guests to enjoy the local life and environment. 

We are married and proud parents of two children, Bibi (2015) and Hugo (2017). Both very sweet, fun, cheerful and creative kids who are very independent, love to help us in the household and, like us, love visitors and hustle and bustle around them. They love swimming and going on adventures. Together we have embarked on this adventure and we will welcome our guests with our personal touch for the ultimate holiday.

We can’t wait to welcome and meet you at Domaine des Agnelles!
A bientôt!
Maters family
Tim, Véronique, Bibi & Hugo